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I usually go with good old Nike Cotton Mid Calves, that's my basic go to. I have three pairs of white Dri-Fits but I'm not a huge fan because of the grey logos and lack of inside sock logos. It really detracts for me.

Whenever I get a new pair of shoes I seem to always need a second pair of socks at the start, and somehow don't after like two weeks, even though Vapors aren't supposed to need break in or whatever. But basically I forgot today so I bought some of the really basic cushioned tennis socks that my proshop sells...

WOW. I wore them under my good old Nike cottons and I loved the way it felt. Two pairs worked well, and the cushion was fantastic.

SO... People say wearing two pairs isn't good for some reason, is there any merit to that? And how easy is it to find or purchase Nike TENNIS socks. I've seen a couple pairs on ****, like what Nadal wears, but nowhere else.
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