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Originally Posted by FloridaAG View Post
Didn't know you were there. What's up?
How you been AG? Long time. Hope all is well. We need to meet up soon.

Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
I had no idea you were one of the greatest stringers in history of tennis ? strung for all those great pros, you must be one of the top 5 stringers in the world. this forum is privilaged to have you.
LOL. I would hardly put it that way, but thanks!

Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
Yes, they like the spin and control because they used full gut, any poly will be better for spin than gut, the poly/gut is supposed to be very good for spin and control, so looks like 4G and gut would be optimal for it, the comfort of 4G is absolutely there.
Hog wash. Sampras was getting over 5000 rpms of spin in an 85 sq inch frame, using a full gut set up strung in the 70's.

Also, dimitrov,nishikori, and the williams all used the gut in the mains and the 4 g in the crosses.

Also, the mains is where one gets the performance from the string, not the crosses.
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