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Okay finally strung two racquets at 59lbs gut mains and 52lbs poly cross using Wilson Natural gut 17g and Bow Brand Championship 17g just for a comparison with Ltec 4s as the cross.

I use the Wilson natural gut 17g since I running low on the original VS team and it appears the set that I got is still has that stretchiness as the original VS. For those that have used the original VS, there is nothing like it in terms of the feel when you strike the ball. It is just sublime .

TenFanLA - Did you notice that Ltec 4S is a tad stiffer to weave similar to Alu Power? I found Ltec 0S easier to string as it was a little bit more flexible.

The Bow Brand is pretty good, not up to VS but better than Pacific as it was a tad stiffer in feel than VS. Maybe a few more hours of hitting will loosen up the feel.

Ltec 4S does play like Alu Power and the combination of the two feels so good. To me, Ltec 0S is a bit softer and a tad more powerful than 4S which has a bit more control and is crisper.
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