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First of all, yes... it is realistic for you to play college tennis at a place like Mary Hardin-Baylor or a similar unranked D2 or D3 school. Ranked teams, like St Edwards, might be tougher to get playing time on, but you could probably make their rotation with further improvement.

Your video shows some weaknesses in footwork and preparation, consistancy, and the backhand slice needs work. However, there were some nice foundations with the serve and forehand. You don't look better than a 3.5 or weaker 4.0 in the video, but I believe that you could improve if you've been working hard and playing tournaments.

D3 tennis, especially at the schools you mentioned, is not that much different than playing for a good high school team. The national championship contender teams will have some 5.5 or better players, but most schools will have a mix of 3.5 to 5.0 players on their rosters. Mary Hardin-Baylor was 9-7 last year, and it doesn't look like their roster is filled with world-beaters. As I mentioned, St Edwards was better and had a national ranking, so you might make their team, but it might take a year or two before you are playing a lot of matches. Have you contacted the coaches of these teams yet?

Also, my advice is to pick the school based on their academics, the fit for the college lifestyle you want, the cost, and the career you are shooting for. Tennis should just be a bonus.

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