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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
I likes me neck and back cracked.

My now 11 year old son has hip issues. Sport docs, hip specialists all prescribed physical therapy. It didnt work. Went to my chiro. He said the hips were just out of line. He made the adjustment. Pain was gone instantly and hips now felt right when he ran. The chiro office also did physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around the hips as well. We have gone back once every 2 month's approx and the hips have not bothered him since.
this is a good approach .. most people who do strenuous sports activity will find that their body gets out of alignment .. when this happens ,it's followed by many different aches and pains ,it is usually caused by not having the right shoes or merely needing orthotics arch supports insoles... even then a good adjustment or periodic message will help .. you can check this yourself.. have your kid lay flat on their back and check the feet.. usually one foot is shorter than the other by almost an inch .. this will effect the athlete's body if you keep working hard.. we all need an adjustment every now and then or at least a good deep message..
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