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this is a good approach .. most people who do strenuous sports activity will find that their body gets out of alignment .. when this happens ,it's followed by many different aches and pains ,it is usually caused by not having the right shoes or merely needing orthotics arch supports insoles... even then a good adjustment or periodic message will help .. you can check this yourself.. have your kid lay flat on their back and check the feet.. usually one foot is shorter than the other by almost an inch .. this will effect the athlete's body if you keep working hard.. we all need an adjustment every now and then or at least a good deep message..
Agreed, I thought it was all garbage myself until I was 17. I had severe back pain on my lower right side so bad I could no longer serve. My mom convinced me to see her chiro and get adjusted, after one session I was back to normal. I've continued to use them whenever I felt like I needed it since that time which is nearly 20 years.

I more recently had an issue that was taken care of by a massage therapist where I was in severe pain. I thank her each time I see her for eliminating that pain and helping me get back to normal.

I guess all the famous athletes that use the chiro are crazy???

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