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I strung my Volkl Organix 8 as a full set. I have not had problems in the past and did not encounter any during this playtest. I usually use a multi (Technifibre X Code strung at 57) and decided to drop this tension down to 51

Overall impression of the power of the string was mediocre. Nothing special negative or positive.

The feel of the string was less than I was used to. I think I get more feel from X Code but this is to be expected.

I hit a flat ball so spin is hard to judge. I have found that if you don't have the stroke to produce more spin, no string is going to help. I did find the slice backhand to be wicked. It really bit and stayed low. More so than usual.

Comfort was not an issue. No pain or excess vibration noticed.

Durability was not an issue but I am not a string breaker.

Tension loss was not profound but I did notice a slight amount. I do not have an accurate way to measure this so I am unable to state exactly how much loss.

I had trouble keeping the ball in play for some reason. Maybe I had an off night or two. Not sure on that. But like I said before, the slice backhand was great.

This was comparable to RPM Blast which I have used. I found it to be much more wire like. During stringing, I had it bending and keeping the bend like wire would, and not an easy string to work with. It actually took longer to string these than normally. After hitting with this string for 2 weeks, I would probably experiment with a little higher tension. I found myself looking for more control.

Overall, if you are one of those that can hit enough topspin to distort the shape of the tennis ball into an ellipse with your topspin, I would give this string a try. I can see durability being a plus. For me with my flat strokes, it did not accent my game positively.
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