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Full set or hybrid Hybrid with Gosen Micro Sheep 17(Cross)

Tension used for playtest Main Luxilon-56/Cross Gosen-59

Regular string set upPrince Beast XP with Gosen Micro Sheep

Racquet brand and model used for test Prince EXO3 Tour 16X18

Power of test string At the begining of the test power felt low to average. I was hitting most balls with a normal rallying stroke. Medium paced with 4.0-4.5 level spin. However, when I decided to hit a little flatter and with some more muscle the string really came alive. I started taking some spin off and hitting a low flat ball that had some nice pace. The string performed awesome in this area and was an early highlight.

Feel Another plus for me. Felt as good as my Beast hybrid and better than some other polys I have tried recently. Medium stiffness feel. No complaints whatsoever. All the shots I hit felt good. Some of my favorites as far as feel include top spin forehands and backhands. Again- one of the strengths to the string.

Spin Spin was average and I felt a bit dissapointed. No fault of the string but I have been looking for something that provides more spin to my regular shots. This string didnt do it for me but that doesnt mean the string was bad. In fact I'd say it was quite average but on the better side when it came to slice. Adequat would be a good word to describe its spin potential for me.

Comfort Felt much better than many other polys I have tried. Comfort isnt really an issue for me but I can say this one ranked high. I don't mind stiff racquets and stiff/dead feeling strings. The Gold provided a comfort that I could enjoy.

Durability I noticed a bit of notching on the crosses early. Much earlier than with my regular Beast. I'm not a big string breaker so this wasnt a problem but it did stand out. Even after playing a while the string still felt fine though.

Tension maintenance I'm still hitting with it even after a few sessions. String still feels fine. I tend to string high so maybe the string is settling in but I havnt noticed the playability go downhill at an alrming rate like I have on others. Compared to my regular Beast, this string is performing better after equivelant time being used. A +

Control Great control on the flat shots! I am really happy being able to hit some laser type shots to all areas on the court with the string. I didnt notice a lot of this explosion on shots with increased spin but the control level was fine on both swings. The ability to control the flat shots gave me confidence to hit with more pace. On serves the control was good. Nothing more than my regular setup but equal and that's a good thing.

Compare to the string you use most often I'd say it compared equal. I have no complaints about the Luxilon. It felt very similair to the Beast that I use. Maybe a bit softer and better on the hard flat shots. But also maybe a bit less spin potential. Definetley a string that I would use again. Really enjoyed hitting with it. Gets my full approval.

Tension recommendations I feel like I hit my target tension on the first try. Again, I'm odd and I like poly at higher tensions. Mid 50 on this one with a high 50 syn gut cross was perfect for me.

Summary Major like- The power/control on hard flat laser shots. Better than any string I have tried. Bonus like- being able to hybrid it and get 2 string jobs out of the package. I felt lucky to get to use it twice! Minor dislike- stringing was a bit of a pain. A few kinks out of the package but nothing I couldnt work with. Just a minor annoyance.

Overall I really liked the string. High marks on everything I hit. Performed above average in all areas. Thank you TW/Luxilon for the chance to try it out and for the shirt.
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