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Full set or hybrid: full
Tension used for playtest:53lb
Regular string set up: TOURNA BIG HITTER BLUR ROUGH 16G @53
Racquet brand and model used for test:WILSON BLX SIX ONE 95
Power of test string: The power of this string is somewhere between low to mid, i need to swing my racquet a bit faster and harder to make the ball to have the same pace as my normal setup.
Feel: The string feels alot softer comparing to other luxilon string, it feels like copoly. It think the feel of this string can definity beat most poly in the market.
Spin: The spin production of this string is really notthing special, it does not have crazy spin as luxilon alu power or solinco tourbite.
Comfort: This string is pretty comfortable, i do not have any dicomfort after playing it after its been strung for two weeks.
[B]Durability:[/B] Wow, this is definity more durable than most of the top string out there,alu,rmp..etc. I think it last me for 15hrs before i want to cut it our.I am the kind of person that would not hesistate to cut out polys.
Compare to the string you use most often Compare 4g to bhbr, i like my bhbr alot better, it feels better,more spin, and more comfortable. I think 4G keeps the tension longer than bhbr, it does not feel as bad as bhbr when it go dead.
Tension recommendations 48
Summary: I like that this string is durable,it keeps the tension really nice.
The #1 dislike is that the price of this string.I dont know the price of this string yet, but i am pretty sure that it would be expensive.
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