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Originally Posted by anhuynh16 View Post
nike will be bold in 2013.

i think reflective 3M should be a big part of the line! (summer '13

clay- kelly green (oregon ducks) crew with 3M accents. vapor 9s would be kelly green/black with the heel part in 3M.

FO: jade/silver( 3M) polo. V9s - 3M and jade in teal.

Rafa (if he plays

clay: 3M shirt with blue accents. cBs would be blue. not sure what shade of blue.

FO: bright mango shirt with 3M accents. CBs inspired by the blake griffin hyperdunk 2011 10.0 PE ( one of my fav. colorways ever)


mango shirt with 3M digicamo pattern?
I'm liking your predictions especially the jade polo but what is the (3m) you speak of?
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