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The racket I strung for this playtest was the Prince O3 White. I had strung it full set on my Gamma Prog-II. The tension was set to 53. My regular string setup is a hybrid with Topspin Cyber Flash at the mains and Topspin Cyber Blue at the cross. Now onto the review:

I felt like I needed to swing harder at the ball to produce the same amount of power as my regular setup. The feel of the test string however was comparable to my current setup. There is a nice pocketing feel to the ball. The spin produced is on par with my normal shots (on a side note, I have a full western forehand...). I'd say the string is pretty durable; it is a poly after all. My serves hang a round 90 to 100 mph and the strings haven't broken or tweaked yet. The tension of the strings do not feel as if they have dropped since the first time I got on court with them. Control is adequate. I am able to control my shots to the direction I want them to go, but due to the slightly less power it offers, I had to hit harder to make the ball go deeper. Would I recommend a different tension? I prefer all my polys to be strung in the 53 to 55 range. Although it is hard for me to judge whether or not a tension even higher than 55 or lower than 53 is recommended, I was fairly comfortable with 53.

After playing with this Golden Thread, I really liked the way the ball felt when I hit it. It provided feel which was on par with my regular setup. The power however felt a little on the low side. Thank you Tennis Warehouse and Luxilon for providing this playtest!
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