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I played seven sessions for a total playtest time of almost 12 hours since we only had two weeks.

Full set or hybrid
Tension used for playtest

I played a hybrid for the playtest and strung on a Klippermate dropweight with no issues.
Mains: Luxilon 4G at 48 lbs
Crosses: Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme 17 at 50 lbs

Regular string set up
Mains: Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17 at 48 lbs
Crosses: Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme 17 at 50 lbs

Racquet brand and model used for test
Yonex RDiS 100 Midplus

Power of test string
It felt low powered to me as others have mentioned, especially on flat serves. It is definitely good for those who like to take full swings but when I try to block back big serves, it was tough for me to return deep enough into the court.

Pretty nice feel to me that has stayed consistent since breaking in after the initial hour of playing. Strings felt crisp regardless of whether I played during a cool night or a hot day. When I had time to set up and really swing away and hit the sweet spot, I could tell I hit a good shot.

I didn't feel like I was getting enough topspin on groundstrokes especially on my favorite shot, the short angled backhand crosscourt. I couldn't get it to stay in so it felt like it wasn't biting the ball enough to dip back over the net. When I hit serves, the spin was fine since I was tossing the ball as it wasn't spinning towards me as they are when I am hitting groundstrokes. I think this string is 1.25 gauge so that might be a factor since my usual SPPP is 1.23. Spin wasn't terrible or anything, just less than I am used to and my game is more spin that flat.

I have never used Luxilon before since people usually tell me they have elbow problems with their string but comfort was good for this string. No issues when I took big cuts at the ball and off center shots didn't affect me. I did string this as a hybrid so that probably helped too but no complaints at all from me here.

I'm not a string breaker as it usually takes me 35-40 hours to break the synthetic gut cross in a hybrid setup. I've never broken a poly first. Lately, I've just cut out my hybrid setups around 25 hours or so. Since we only had two weeks to playtest and I'm only at 12 hours of usage, I don't expect it'll be breaking any time soon. Wear looks about the same as my usual setup after the same amount of play and it's still playing great.

Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable?)
Tension maintenance has been really good so far. Not sure when it becomes unplayable since we only had two weeks but as I said earlier, still playing great after 12 hours. Softened up after an hour or so and has felt the same since!

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)
This is definitely a control oriented string if you have the swing speed for it and flatter swing path. When I had a slow swing speed, control wasn't as good such as when I blocked back returns. I could place serves pretty much at will if I kept the swing speed up. Due to that, I loved serving with this string other than flat serves since it was low-powered and I am weak, haha. Definitely geared more toward flat hitters when hitting groundstrokes unlike me who hits semi-western with a big uppercut swing but usually I hit more forehand slices since I try to chip/charge as I usually play doubles. Slices were ok with this string, didn't seem to bite that much but it did go where I wanted.

Compare to the string you use most often
Didn't get as much bite on my spinny shots as compared to SPPP nor was there as much power as SPPP when I tried to hit flatter serves/groundstrokes. It felt very similar when comparing comfort, tension maintenance, and overall feel though. I think even Jason from TW said it was similar to SPPP in one of the reviews.

Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?)
I don't think I would change the tension. Reading other reviews, everyone said it was low powered so lowering the tension probably won't do much other than take away control which was a plus. I'll take control over power every time.

Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
Likes: Comfort and tension maintenance for sure.
Dislikes: Not enough bite on the slices.

Thanks again Luxilon and TW!
Yonex: RDiS 100 MP _ RDiS 200
Mains: Kirschbaum SS Orange 17 @ 48 lbs _ Crosses: Wilson Syn Gut Extreme 17 @ 48 lbs
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