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I'd like to see the color, unfortunately I do not know the english term, which is on the borderline between green and blue, having the same effect like water in a lake which is enlightened by the sun.

So, an outfit would be:

Polo: this blue/green borderline color
Shorts: dark shorts (anthrazite/black with a swoosh in the polo color)

Matching wristbands and bandanas.

Jacket: Some color as the shorts, and when taken off, it reveals the beauty of the polo.

@ Babolast:

Do you also have some pictures of/information on the Winter collection for 2012? I can't see on the pictures on the internet which colors the shorts have, if there's a jacket for the WTF in purple, the wristbands and bandanas etc. Would be very kind of you if you could provide those infos.
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