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Full set or hybrid


Tension used for playtest

53 lbs

Regular string set up

Solinco Tour Bite 53 lbs

Racquet brand and model used for test

Babolat Pure Storm GT Plus

Power of test string

Fairly low, but not significantly lower than Tour Bite


I was quite pleased with the feel of this string. This 4g was soft and played well at net and on touch shots. It performed significantly better that my Tour Bite in this category.


Spin was moderate and was noticeably less spinny than Tour Bite.


A very comfortable poly. My arm pain (mild after 2 days of hard play) was no worse than it is with a soft multi strung about 9 lbs. tighter.


The jury is still out on this one since I have only played with it for about 5 to 6 hours so far. I will report back on this.

Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)

So far, there has not been a significant tension drop. If this holds up or if tension only decreases modestly over the next 10 hours or so, I will be quite pleased.

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)

Control was great, very predictable.

Compare to the string you use most often

Compared to Tour Bite, this string was more comfortable, had better feel, similar control and power, but less spin. Durability and playability to be determined.

Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?)

I was happy with 53 lbs.

Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.

likes- feel, comfort, and control

dislikes- none yet (will update after playing with it longer)

Thanks for the trial Lux and TW!
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