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Thanks again to Tennis Warehouse for continuing to provide these opportunities to explore new products and thanks to the folks at Luxilon for this particular opportunity.

As usual the string was strung as a full set, two piece job, in a Dunlop Aerogel 200 Tour at 50 pounds in both the mains and the crosses on a lockout machine.

Comparing this string to my most recently regular string, Dunlop Black Widow 17 - The test string had a little more power than Black Widow. The spin effect was relatively similar to the BW. That could have been to needing to change tension.

To me, the most noticeable characteristic of this string is the consistency. After the expected drop of in tension, settle in, the string remained playable for noticeably longer than other strings. The strings started out very stiff but settled in after about a half hour of practice. Then, they remained at nearly that same feel for about the next eight sets over two weeks.
Power level The power of the 4G string felt a little above average, when compared to other polys. It had outstanding spin and great control. I had similar action on my kick serve and continuing to give each of my opponents fits which is extremely important to my competitive game.

The test string definitely felt more stiff but not to the point of being uncomfortable. The power level and, or spin might be positively affected by a tension adjustment. I needed, and was able to swing big with is string at 50.

The racket is fairly flexible and helps provide dampening with the more stiff strings such as this one, so it worked well with the string. I would recommend trying a lower than usual tension for some extra power for this string.

The consistency and longevity could make this a very good value in a string even if the set and reel prices are on the high side. The longevity is at least a characteristic that are very desirable in a string. The consistency is something that is great to have in back up rackets strung for tournament play.
Overall, this was an excellent quality string that I can easily recommend to my stringing clients.

Thank You Again,
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