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Angry fedthechamp = an evil and deceiving punk

fedthechamp out of Fruitland, Idaho

Worst seller experience I have had on this site. After multiple emails and phone calls I was dumb enough to believe this guys lies. He convinced me to do something I would normally never do, which was to except a partial payment before shipping and the remainder of the payment upon arrival. I trusted him enough to do this but I have now learned my lesson.

After the first payment I immediately shipped several items usps parcel post (which is the usps slowest option because I was providing free shipping), I was told it would get there in a week and a half. Unfortunately it took an additional week to arrive. For this in convince, he felt I was no long entitled to the remainder of the payment he promised to pay. This was his idea, I should have said no but I put trust in him... People like this continue my dying faith in people especially online and I recommend to not do business with this guy!

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