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Agreed, I thought it was all garbage myself until I was 17. I had severe back pain on my lower right side so bad I could no longer serve. My mom convinced me to see her chiro and get adjusted, after one session I was back to normal. I've continued to use them whenever I felt like I needed it since that time which is nearly 20 years.

I more recently had an issue that was taken care of by a massage therapist where I was in severe pain. I thank her each time I see her for eliminating that pain and helping me get back to normal.

I guess all the famous athletes that use the chiro are crazy???
I got my first adjustment by the athletic trainier in college.. we were training hard in the off season and it was raining most of the week and we all had to train inside the basketball gym,doing all kinds of drills with the b-ball team guys.. I felt a bit stiff and the head trainer(who was also the trainer for a pro football team)gave me a rum down and cracked my back... I was hooked ever since.. I will go see an asian chiro guy when my body acts up .. he's the greatest .. when my lower back gets whacked out ,he's my man .. one time I had a pinched nerve,making my left side numb.. I thought I was having a stroke ,he fixed it...
there are people here who rather just take prescribed medication to block the pain,but the problem is still there..that's just western medicine's way of thinking..
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