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Thank You TW for the opportunity, as always it was my pleasure!

M: TestString @52 lbs; C: Babolat Addiction 17g at 58 lbs

Regular string set up: lately M:Pros Pro Balckout @52 lbs; C:technifiber E-Matrix 17g/Forten Seet 17g @58 lbs

Racquet brand and model used for test: Head Speed Pro

Power of test string: Low powered. I generate my own so for me it was exactly what I like.

Feel: Although the feeling was muted compared to full bed of multi I really like the feeling for a Poly.

Spin was normal I did not feel that the string improved the spin from other strings.

I was surprised but for me this setup was very comfortable. I really enjoyed the way it felt and had no soreness at all.

I felt durability was good and I had no issues with the string.

Tension maintenance
: For me I really enjoyed the string until around the 10 hr (+- 2 hr) mark. After that the comfort and feel both seemed to drop

I really love the string from the baseline. Had great control even when really going for big shot. I liked serving as well. On Volley the string was ok, little bit muted for me to really like this string at the net. I did like it on BH slice.

Compare to the string you use most often:
I really did like the string a lot. I was surprised how good it played from the baseline. I will probably purchase a set and will try it out as a cross as well and with some other hybrid setups. Definitely a string that is worth a try.

Tension recommendations:
For me the tension was good. I usually string all my setups the same especially for comparison reasons. I would leave the tension the same.

I really like the string from the base line. I love the control I had with it. For big hitting baseliner this is worth a try. At net I was missing some feel but nonetheless this was a positive test for me. I would give the string 8.5 out of 10.

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