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Originally Posted by Andreas1965 View Post
You MUST ride on the road.
I must disagree with that.

If there is a bike lane, one should use that and not try to occupy precious space on the road. Especially in the cities, where there are designated areas for the bikers, it is nothing short of self-serving to do that, when everybody is stuck in traffic jams all the time.

Originally Posted by Andreas1965 View Post
the fact that car drivers take over with minimum clearance, the fact that car drivers threaten you, insult you and many worse things shouldn't stop you using the road! As long as bikers hide themselves in bike lanes or sidewalks the car drivers believe they live in a bike-free world. The road doesn't belong only to cars.
There are bad drivers and there are good drivers. You should not lump them all in one category.

The truth is, that you notice the ones, that cause you problems, but do not notice the vast majority, that waits patiently behind you, regardless of the fact, that you are causing them to go slower, when they are already having time shortages on their way to some important meeting or after a long day in the office on their way home.

[QUOTE=Andreas1965;6625842] Be proud and self confident! Use your space, don't ride with a distance under 100 cm to the sidewalk! As long as there is someone honking, he at least has seen you!! on a bike lane you are invisible for the cars. that's why all these horrible accidents happen. Car makes a right turn, crosses bike lane... BAM!

The bolded part is one very good advice.

The rest and especially the part with the invicibility doesn't make sense. Why should a driver see you, when you are on a bike lane? You are not on his way (unless you are on a crossroad, where bikers are supposed to be careful, just like everybody else).

The BAM cases are, most often than not, bikers' fault. A driver, that is doing a right turn cannot know, whether there is a biker, coming at speed and crossing without looking ( much like live torpedo)

Originally Posted by Andreas1965 View Post
I know what I'm talking about, 35 years experience in road biking, more than 20 years of them as a racer.
Racing has nothing to do with safety on the road (unless you are talking about racing situation, like mass sprint or something like that). Actually, the opposite is often true, as many riders (pro or aspiring) are overly sensitive to their "situation" on the road, due to the sheer volume of problems with drivers on the road, they are witnessing, and react in a manner, that is questionable at best.

I am more than 35 years into biking as a commuter, roadie, CX and ( in the last 10 or so years) a MTBer. Also a driver.
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