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Originally Posted by Jack the Hack View Post
Mats Wilander broke up with Annette Olsen in 1985. At the time, he was 21 and she was 19. Wilander married Sonya Mulholland, a South African model in January of 1988. I'm not sure when they started dating, but Stefan Edberg didn't marry Annette until April of 1992, seven years after her relationship with Mats ended.

As far as I remember, all of the Swedish players were friendly and hung out with each other on the tour, including Edberg and Wilander. I don't recall either of them "hating" anyone, especially each other!

Where did you get all of this stuff? Seems like you just made it up...
yes, I did not mean there was any bad feelings, because the flematic sweden do not let women interfere in their relationshipˇˇˇ well, Edberg and Wilander knew each other longtime and their rivalry was more a competitive rivalry between 2 of the best players in the world...and, given both were Sweden, a competition between orthodoxy (Wilander) and unorthodoxy (Edberg)

How comes Stefan loved the S&V game since he was just a kid I don´t know...maybe he hated Borg?
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