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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
The UCI was backing Lance Armstrong in his former legal case against USADA, and rightfully so. What I see is a corrupt USADA, which has zero objective, physical evidence, and they have broken their own rules to pursue a witch hunt against Armstrong.

As far as Travis Tygart and co are concerned, Armstrong is guilty until proven innocent. How can anyone come to any other conclusion when they took Armstrong's decision to end any legal fight as an "admission of guilt"? They don't seem to realise that Armstrong doesn't have to prove anything.
This is the thing. You have a privately ran agency, outside the government but funded by government grants, whose mission is: find dopers. The bigger the better. Do anything you have to do to get them. You can act as both prosecutor and judge. (That will make life very pleasant for the prosecutor in you.) You can make up the rules for each case as you go along. You don’t have to provide the defense with any concrete evidence you have until the show begins, and you can impose on them deadlines to respond as tight as you want. You run the show. And of course you can feed the press any story you want to make sure the suspects are tried by public opinion before the show starts. Here’s 10 million dollars a year. Put them to good use. This is not a joke even if it sounds like one.

Such an organization is not at all different from an Inquisition. You can convict anybody of anything with that kind of “court”. How can anyone believe it can act with even a modicum of fairness? It can't. It’s a travesty.
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