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Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
Sock wasn't developed by them at all but he has been on the receiving end of 15+ WCs 12-18months. I just wonder if he wouldn't still be slugging it out in Futures/Challengers with others if not for getting all those WCs. So I am not convinced of the promise yet there.
Kind of shows how being a highly WORLD ranked junior can skew the views of the usta.

Mary Jo pointed out tonight that some players have a window to shine. Sometimes their peak is from 15-18 others from 25-28. It's a blend of physical and mental maturity.

The usta has a tendency to grasp onto a kid when they are a teen and force itself onto them. Sometimes that is ok, other times you just have to let the player develop on their own terms.

I can only imagine Isner would've been a disaster if they had forced everything on him at 16.
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