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Default 4G Playtest Review

Whether or not you used a full set or hybrid for the playtest:
I used the 4G is a full bed.

Tension used for playtest:
50/49 lbs on a Neos lockout machine

Your regular string set up:
Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 17G

Racquet brand and model used for test:

Power level of test string or hybrid:
I felt that the string was pretty low powered even when strung at a fairly low tension.

Feel (crisp? mushy? soft? stiff? off center feedback?:The string felt very crisp throughout the playtest, but did not feel harsh in anyway. I really liked how plush the stringbed felt.

I wouldnt categorize this as a string that offer exceptional access to spin. I mean it still offered spin by it being a poly string, but it was not as a stand out feature of this string. When being pressed and defending from behind the baseline, it wasnt as easy to hit high, deep, topspin rally balls to get myself back in the point. I also had a harder time getting the same amount of kick on my serve that I usually do. When I was stringing my racket, I noticed that the surface of this string had a wax like feeling. I wonder if that coating negatively influences spin.

Comfort:This string felt extremely comfortable to me. It didnt send off bad vibrations or feel tinny at all!

Durability: I probably have 4.5 hours on the string and it still is very playable. After one hitting session I felt that the tension had dropped just a little bit, but it was nothing that affected the performance of this string. Tension maitenence and durability on this string seems to be very good. Most polys would be moving on me like crazy by now and would have some large notches.

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)
Control is where this string really leads the pack. I felt very comfortable going for my shots without fear of overhitting. Also, the low power level of the string let you really go after the ball while having great placement. I also enjoyed the control aspects on serve. I may have lost a little speed on serve with the 4G, but I made up for it with placement.

Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension?)
I might even try a tension in the mid 40's with this string. It holds tension well enough to try that and I dont think you would lose the great control characteristics at that tension.

General comments (please summarize likes and dislikes):
I loved the feel & control the string offered and I didnt mind that it was low powered, but for me the lack of spin potential was a disappointment. There are a lot of poly's coming out these days and it seems that they all share the common trait of easily being able to produce topspin. This string did not. I really had to crank up the racket head speed to be able to produce the heavy FH and kick serve I am used to getting with my usual set up. With that lacking the 4G wouldnt be my first choice for a poly. If that changed and they decided to make a rough version, I would definetly try it again. The 4G did not offer the same amount of power as the string I typically use, but I dont think that it hurt my game and it definetly helped my control. The 4G also felt much more plush than my Spiky Shark. All in all, I think it is a great string in the right hands. A good player with a live arm and big game would benefit from using 4G. A friend of mine with that type of game hit a few balls with my frame and loved the string. He typically uses ALU Power and was very interested in purchasing some 4G.

Thanks TW and Luxilon for the great opportunity to test this string!
Please excuse my punctuation and grammar.
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