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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
USADA has to act within its remit and can be challenged legally.

Armstrong challenged the arbitration from taking place and lost.

He could have defended himself and challenged any aspect of it that he thought was outside its powers in court.

He could even try to challenge the judgement in a court and maybe the UCI will.

For better or worse, there are harsh doping controls for all competitors so its the price you now pay to play sport.
The justice system feels it canít get involved in the way sports administers its own justice, even if it makes it clear it finds its proceedings unacceptably arbitrary. So the matter is left for sports organizations to vye for supremacy among themselves. It will become a matter of budgets determining clout. I notice that the UCI press releases are not reproduced anywhere in the press (not even the French press) except as passing mentions. You need to go into their site and look for them. But any tale spun by anyone against Armstrong gets full coverage. Itís a bizarre show. If they were consistent they should just vacate the podiums in all the main cycling events for the last few decades.
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