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Originally Posted by Setmatch45 View Post
For the guy's who really know the pro's racquets. Did Andre ever leave Donnay? I have heard that he was using a Donnay racquet with the proper head paint job.
There was a time when Agassi first signed with Donnay that he was dissatisfied with the frame they built him. For a time, Agassi was even playing with the Prince Original Graphite with a big "D" stenciled on it. The folks at Donnay were aghast. It seems Agassi never told them he didn't like the frame. The frame was fixed.

Then there was Agassi's foray into the widebody world. He played the 1st round at the French with a new Donnay widebody frame. Things didn't go too well with the frame and there were none of Agassi's old frames around. Agassi wound up winning the match and breaking every one of the new widebody frames after the match on court.

His old frames were overnighted to the tournament.
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