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Originally Posted by MarTennis View Post
Black athletes have already saved tennis in America. No Williams sisters, no ESPN wall to wall grand slam coverage, much less regular WTA coverage and I assert no Tennis Channel. Tennis was on the edge of being off TV when the sisters were setback by injuries and distractions. When Venus came back to win another Wimbledon and Serena right her ship the ESPN deal happened.

So, yes there is a push to get a greater number of blacks in high level junior and ITF tennis. Who knows if it will work, but 10 and under is an awesome vehicle to try to make more better tennis players in the public tennis context combined with USTA infrastructure.
Hey you might actually be right about that and the Williams sisters effect on tennis coverage here.. It seems like hardly anyone plays tennis anymore in the states. We just need greater participation, period. Blacks have never been a dominant force in tennis, other than the Williams sisters so I just think it's a weird angle that John McEnroe always takes. This is hardly the first time I've read or heard him talk about this. And if people think most black women have anywhere the physical talents Serena or Venus possess than they really are living in a dream world. I do not know if "getting kids from Harlem" to paraphrase McEnroe is the answer either. I do not think it is. I think it's the slowing of the surfaces and tennis balls more than anything that have hurt the sport here.
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