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Heh, looks like Plan A didn't work for USADA so now it's time to negotiate.
Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
What is the USADA's benefit in implicating LA ? Does it have to do with government grants as one other post suggested?
Natch. USADA is a small company with a measly $10mil budget. Imagine if they were able to catch the White Whale, Lance Armstrong. That would be quite an accomplishment if they did that. That would earn their keep and make it much harder for a politician to cut their budget.

Also, they could then have a better chance to market themselves to one of the major sports leagues for example. And that would at minimum double their budget. A good pitch from them would be "If any leagues would like a clean sport, hire us."
And if that didn't work, they could always toss around innuendo: "We are saddened that no organizational bodies are interested in running a clean sport."
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