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sorry if this is a repost, but this is one of daley thomspn's training routines, he won decathlon gold in the olympics in 1984.

4x1000m on rowing machine: 1st 1000m with split of 1'50. 2nd 1000m: 500m at 1'55, 500m at 1'45. 3rd 1000m: 500m at 2'02, 500m at 1'38. 4th 1000m: 500m at 2'07, 500m at 1'33


20 x: single arm bench press, incline single arm chest press, standing single arm shoulder press, press-ups. with 8kg dumbbells, Daley recommends more.

Minute rest, then 26 x all the above.
Minute rest, then 30 x all the above

10 x wide-arm pull-ups, 10 x dips, 10 x press-ups
Minute rest, then whole thing a total of four times.


Double-feet jumps down the length of pit. Do it eight times, rest and repeat twice more. Two minutes walking, then jump 10 lengths. Two minutes walking, then jump 12 lengths.


5 x 100m with 30 seconds rest.

Two minutes rest, then 6 x 100m with 30 seconds rest

Two minutes rest, then 9 x 100m with 30 secs rest between each, then 20 secs, then 10 secs.


30 x chinners sit-ups, 30 x mountain climbers (like single leg squat-thrusts)
Repeat three times.

30 x press-ups, 30 x good mornings
Repeat three times

Six minutes non-stop alternating 30 secs Plank, 30 seconds good mornings

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