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xisbum -- my game is not especially awesome as of late. this would be a prime time for you to show me your experience over marginally younger legs. i've been amused though that i'm being recruited for age 40+ teams. senior leagues here i come!

cb -- got my londons in yesterday. full bed tour bite 17g at 50 pounds. a lot of power. a good chunk more than my exo3 tours. almost as much as a pure drive. that was surprising. spin was very good but not quite exo3 tour or APD level. quality control on these sticks wasn't tremendous. one weighed 318 grams with dampener. the other 326 grams with dampener. swingweight is listed on TW at 311 but they felt a little sluggish. balance on these are 4 pts HL. but just on comfort alone they are very nice and the feedback on a well struck ball is nice. i wish i felt that more often than 1 out of 10 shots.

sup -- i know i'm a slappy forehand hitter. i know i need to not break my wrist on forehands. you know it, i know it, the american people know it. what's the easiest cure? when i keep the wrist laid back -- my forehands have nice pop and sizzle. the other 9 forehands are mostly pop and fizzle. any mental tricks? ball machine? hypnotherapy?

what's for lunch people? i'm falling off the exercise wagon. i'm getting some banh mi -- great suggestion CB.
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