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Originally Posted by PaulMan View Post
I don't have a great kick serve - average at best. Every now and then, I hit a decent one...

But the best ones do let it drop a little more before striking it. It does loop more when you do that with all the racquet head speed brushing upward - the massive topspin will bring it down into the court and "kick" up when it bounces. Just lots of practice will get it to kick more with better pace, too.

Downs and I have had a few colleagues that have pretty nasty kick serves. Auzzie, as I recall, has a pretty good one when he goes for it.
I wouldnt say I had textbook form, but I had a very good kick serve when I played a bunch. I never thought I would lost the ability so fast. I remeber last time I hit with Dats they wer epretty much jumping right in the blast zone, not over the shoulder or head like they used to. I also have zero placement anymore.

I just gotta play more.
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