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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
There were three cases with physical evidence that USADA presented to Armstrong.

Armstrong is a coward for not defending himself in public.
Armstrong did defend himself in a real court of law. Just in February this year federal prosecutors dropped a two-year investigation, with no charges against him.

From a news report at the time:

The probe [was] anchored in Los Angeles where a grand jury was presented evidence by federal prosecutors and heard testimony from Armstrong's former teammates and associates
Investigators looked at whether a doping program was established for Armstrong's team while they received government sponsorship from the US Postal Service. They also examined whether Armstrong encouraged or facilitated doping on the team.

USADA is a private agency, not a court of law. They could try to keep to their mission and concentrate on the here and now, keeping an eye on the thousands of athletes now practicing sports in the US. They prefer the then and there where the big flashy fish are. A private agency with these goals, where the CEO, the Judge and the Prosecutor are one and the same person, is no place to defend yourself. Itís worse, in fact, than the worse kangaroo court, and so it is not at all surprising LA refused to submit to their process. No shame in that whatsoever. But he did defend himself succesfully in a real court of law, to the point where the prosecutors had to drop the case, because whatever the USADA was supplying them was useless to them.

It's highly amusing that the Usada is now changing its tune and suggesting they will respect the statue of limitations and let him keep most of his titles if he only comes to their lap and fesses up (see post 256) Why weren't they saying that before? It's pretty pathetic.
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