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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
Shame about Butz and Carleton. I always thought of Trip as a tough player to coach and wondered how that fit would work.

Disappointed Butz gave it up. Like him for doubles for sure, but he never seemed to dominate in singles. Good kid and best wishes.

Is the kid from England coming? That would put us at 8 and is a comfortable number for me.

If he doesn't come or impact the lineup, I'd see us as:


I really don't know anything about Proisy or the English kid.
The English kid is here, not sure why he's not on the roster. I agree with your line up, except I would put Billy ahead of Watson, and I MIGHT put Piro ahead of Bob. Not sure Proisy or English kid will contribute much this season, but things could change as the season progresses.
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