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Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post

Laid back wrist tricks:

Accomplish even for a second during the forward swing to point the buttcap at the ball/opponent or open court.

Pull back on your forehand like your going to hit a two handed forehand. Problem you may be having is that your restricted you motion by openin up too much. Pull bak and let go I the left hand during the forward swing.

Your wrist may be restricted too mug if your choking up on the grip or your GOP size is too large. Measure from the tip of your hitting hands ring finger to the crease on your palm. I it says 4 3/8 without an over grip maybe you should go down a size.

Last method is to have sappy use cow prod to encourage you ... However I think he may go mad with power.

next topic: my fantasy draft is in 3 hours at my local bar. I pick fourth. Standard scoring. Touchdowns equal 6 points. Who should I pick?
6 points even for QBs?!? then you take Rodgers...even if it was 4 pts per TD, i still think you take rodgers with the 1st pick...
"Hey! There were Skittles in there!"
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