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Originally Posted by Romismak View Post
I havenīt found this thread before, interresting to compare best servers ever.

I canīt go to much in history, like 40s-70s hard to tell, but i think best servers ever are Goran and Ivo - hard to tell who is better who worse

I will put it in eras

90s - many big servers like Goran, Pete, Becker, Krajicek, Stich

Goran was best server among those guys, he was lefty+always got most aces

Than probably Krajicek- his 1st serve was lethal

I think Pete is overrated, sure his serve is among best ever, but simply that guy has 14 slams, he had much more than only serve, while most of this guys were limited comparing to Pete. Pete is one of best servers ever no doubt about it, but really when somebody say he is best ever - it is because they saw many matches of him and he was better after serve, on return and so on than other big servers in his era.

For example Peteīs record is pretty bad vs Krajicek and i believe it is because Krajicek just had bigger serve than Pete and outserved him in their matches.

So for 90s i say best server Goran.

In last decade we had Roddick, Karlovic, Isner, Johansson, now Raonic - who will be among best servers for sure

Among those guys Roddick has-had most groundgame.

So his numbers are better thanks to this.

Karlovicīs 1st serve is i believe most dangerous weapon in tennis history, at his serving peak he had accuracy, speed and high FS% - what is also thanks to his height.

His 2nd serve is average, but 1st best ever.

Isner-high 1st serve%, maybe best 2nd serve ever

So i believe from this era Karlovic at his peak is best server

So i say Goran -IVo hard to tell, one was lefty, played in era with quicker grass, carpet and generally besides clay faster conditions vs many big servers

another guy played in this era, his groundgame is probably worst among all big servers on that list and still his numbers are best or 2nd best in many categories.

Look on ATP website there is list since 1990 stats - service games won, 1st serve points won, aces and so on- Ivo is up there best or 2nd best almost in everything with such limited game.
I like your list for current/recent guys. Said it before, and i'll say it again. Ivo Karlovic. Worst overall game, playing in an era where players return better than ever, slower conditions than before. Yet he still has the best stats.

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