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Well, I strung this up in a different racquet this time (Wilson Juice Pro 96/16x20) at 52lbs CP.

My views remain the same as before. It's a (quite) good string.

Control orientated, consistent, predictable. It 'just works'. You get out exactly what you put in, with the string lending precision and control.

+ Comfortable
+ Neither overpowered or underpowered
+ Control orientated
+ Consistent, reliable response off the stringbed
+ Good price
+/- Not really a 'pockety' sort of string (well, not at the 52lbs I tried) but there is a nice, instant, 'repulsion' of the ball off the stringbed
- Not a super 'grabby' spin string but there's enough spin to be getting by
- Feel is slightly muted but you get used to it as you learn to trust the string's control

A word about 'feel'. A couple of people have suggested it has no feel. It's true that there's not a huge amount of feedback. The string feels better the harder you hit through the strings. The string is actually very comfortable but doesnt have much 'give' to it. It's an odd sensation. If you're prepared to crank the ball, it does seem to lack feel. The issue here I think is that the string feels like it has a harder outer shell (which it doesn't - just occasionally feels like it does) so for delicate touch shots you don't get the 'give' and softness that you might get with a softer poly. But the thing is, you just have to sort of trust the string to do what you want it to do when playing anything delicate. Its such a surprisingly control orientated string that if you play a delicate drop shot, with the right technique, that's the shot that you will execute. It obeys on command, even though it doesn't provide a huge amount of feedback when doing so. I can understand by its limited feel might be a bit disconcerting, but it does feel slightly better the harder you hit the ball and rather oddly, if you won't string it at too low a tension.

A very different type of string to say BHBR, but I quite like it so far. Anyone liking strings like Scorpion, SPPP or even elements of TourBite may well like this string. Only caveat at this stage is that I need to see how long it remains playable for before going dead.

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