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Originally Posted by Equijet View Post
faultfoot, you got me this time.... I don't have it in my stash. The PS85 in HPS6.1 pj racket was briefly used by Federer
who endorsed the regular HPS6.1 95 as a promising youngster in the season 2002.
That was replaced by HPS6.0 pj swiftly after several matches. It's really rare indeed.
Hi Equijet. Thanks for chiming in. First, I'd like to say that your contribution to the Talk Tennis community is immeasurable. Thank you for sharing your all your rare frames! Definitely a great sight to behold. Your collection is most likely the only one in existence. It is undoubtedly, museum-worthy.

Being a fan of the old school rackets, in particular, those that originated in the 70s and 80s, I am a great admirer of your collection. I especially enjoy your professional (i.e., personal) pro player frames. Specifically, your Federer paintjob collection is out of this world!

Regarding the HPS 6.1 95 paintjob, thank you for confirming that Federer did in fact endorse this frame (and not just the HPS 6.0 95 paintjob). If anyone in the world (aside from TMF himself) had this frame, I surmised it would've been you. I would have loved to see pics of this "really rare" paintjob!

In any case, your input as to what paintjobs Federer actually used is just as valuable as you've proven yourself as one of the most knowledgeable, if not the most knowledgeable, source as to what paintjobs Federer's endorsed. You always back up your statements with proof, i.e., photo evidence, which, I am sure, many of us racket heads here, greatly appreciate.

Thank you, Equijet. I look very forward to viewing more of your collection in the future! I am sure I will be amazed and pleased.
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