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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
I said politely kept her distance, not had no contact with any of their coaches/programs. Check out her press conference at the French Open. The point is, she can hardly be called a product of the USTA PD system.

Question[French Press] : Can you tell us something about your set up with the USTA program, you must be very happy with that, you are based on Florida ?

Sloane : I don't work with the USTA, no, I have a private coach.

Questioner : Roger Smith ?

Sloane : Yes

Questioner : Did you have work with the USTA in the past ?

Sloane : Yes

But your'e not planning on going with them ?

Sloane : No, still the same.
Sloane spent a lot of time training at USTA/Carson.
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