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Originally Posted by Dharmaboy View Post
I'd like to chime in as I build gaming rigs and choose gaming laptops for friends all the time.

I can't stress the importance of a good solid motherboard. Make sure you pick something that will support the near CPUs coming out. Bios updates usually fix newer chip support.

i7 should be a minimum for heavy gaming. I am not familiar with AMD chips as of now.

New 660ti from nVidia is out. Make sure your new mobo can support SLI later down the road. I currently have 2 x GTX 560ti super clocked in mine. Started out with 1 originally so I was happy my PSU and Mobo could support the new addition.

8gb RAM minimum as its cheap as everything is 64bit now and in the future can actually utilize the RAM.

I live by the rule of a good Power Supply. Corsair TX series is a sure fire win now and down the road for SLI.

I went with Corsair water cooler h series. Really good push pull radiator cooling system.

I used to be an AMD guy for years but the easy Intel way made it an easy choice for me.

Remember don't cheap out on a good case for gaming. Good air circulation is key with vid cards specially nVidia.

Evga vid cards are great. Their warranty is solid as I recently got an RMA within a week. And I live in Canada!

Hope this helps.

ps. if you can go with a 128GB Solid State Drive. You will fall to your knees with the speed. I can never go back. All 3 of my gaming rigs and both laptops have SSD in them.

does that look like a decent setup?
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