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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
I think Tilden's serve, forehand and movement would be great in any era. His backhand, however, would be vulnerable today. He'd have to improve it to be competitive, IMO.
Well in his day it was a great backhand and I have no doubt he would have changed it if he felt he had to. Perhaps he may have switched to a two hander.
The man was always studying the game and tried to improve. I read where he perfectly imitated Fred Perry's continental forehand before he felt in certain situations it was the best way to hit the ball back. He told Perry he felt he wouldn't be a complete player unless he learned to do that. Tilden was in his fifties at this point!

Tilden's volley, while not up to the standards of Rosewall, Roche, McEnroe, Laver, Edberg and others would be probably be pretty good today considering the great amount of doubles titles he won.
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