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Default trying racket with bigger headsize(advice strings)

I play with a 95 headsize strung with a multi but want to change to a 100 headsize because of the bigger sweetspot, easier power and topspin. I demoed a bigger headsize with the technifibre x-code string which felt like a board and i hardly could keep the balls within the lines.

I like to be at the net but because of the headsize or the stiff strings i stayed on the baseline with the bigger headsize which is not how i like to play.

I hope to fix the problem with the extra power by changing to a thicker gauge and higher tension with mult or synthetic gut and stringing it 4 lbs higher then the 95(except for the headsize the racket that i demoed has the same construction as the 95)

Because poly or a hybrid seems not suit an attacking game i would like to know if i can harness the power with a higher tension and still keep the benefits of a bigger sweetspot for example.

Advice please!!
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