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Originally Posted by fightfan View Post
I guess I'm out of the loop, but is there a possible bout between Forrest and Chael? I really think Chael should focus on beating top guys in his own weight class for a potential long-term rematch against Silva. I'm getting tired of these "freak" matches just to pit 2 "names" against each other. FWIW, I think Forrest can beat Chael easily.

Lastly, you've got some good points WCA. Forrest definitely doesn't seem to be the same fighter he was 5 years ago. I believe Forrest was a police officer in Georgia, though he might have also served in Vegas too. I know he's trained quite a bit there.
Sonnen has said he is moving up and fighting light heavyweight. I guess working out with Dan Henderson has shown him its possible.

Chael fought Forrest in 2003. Forrest won via triangle

Rematch is supposed to be in December.
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