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Default Alpha Revo 4000 + 2086 (aka Wise) Tension Head: Thoughts?

I've been considering upgrading my stringing machine for a couple of years now (Eagnas drop weight) and was about to pull the trigger on a new Gamma X-ES. Then I started reading some threads here that suggest buying the Gamma X-ST and replacing the tension head with the 2086 (Wise) tension head.

Being the cheapskate that I am, I continued reading and saw the Alpha Revo 4000 is $50 cheaper than the X-ST ($699 vs $749), so now I'm considering the Alpha instead of the Gamma.

I guess I'm looking for people's experience with the Alpha Revo 4000, and independent of that, people's experience w/ the 2086 tension head. If anyone has the exact setup, that would be a plus.

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