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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
Rest it til the pain is all gone and take 2 Alleve per day. Then try to play tennis. If it hurts still, might be an issue. If not, just don't do the mountain runs anymore. That is seriously about all you'll learn from a 1st doctor appt.

Quick question...does it hurt when you stand on one leg and do trunk twists?
Nope, it doesn't hurt when doing the twists. I have some tennis scheduled in about 3 hours...I guess I'll know more after that session. Last time I played (4 days ago), I felt some discomfort and "insecurity" which might have been mental more than anything but no "real pain".
With regards to not doing those mountain runs...I don't expect those to be "regular" but I don't like to be physically limited like that either.
If possible I would rather put in the work that allows me to do them rather than "not doing them" .
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