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Originally Posted by PKfan1 View Post
To be honest I wanted to hate this string when I got it from the playtest, because I knew it would be so expensive, but I have been really surprised.

I strung it @62 in a redondo mid, and it's still in there after 3 weeks. I normally break string or cut it out every week, but it's still playing like it did when I first hit with it. Spin or power was never it's strong suit, but it still gives me excellent control and is still very comfortable.

I really don't understand where all of the hate is coming from, it's certainly not the best string, but it's not as terrible as everyone here is saying. At the same price I would buy this string 10 times out of 10 over RPM.
Not everyone shares the same experience. I have purposely said many times now that the stuff is not awful. That would be a lie because I can think of many (truth be told, that blue Wilson poly was simply sinful in comparison) that are worse. The majority consensus has been below average, however. More interestingly, before they said that this is their new top of the line string and sent it out to playtest, I honestly do not recall a single glowing review. Now that it's being marketed and they want feedback, the positives have come pouring in. Having tested both in the same frame, it's the same string without question. As UCSF said, those original negative reviews no longer exist.

If you are looking for a control string, look at some Weisscannon polys. This isn't my personal bias either. I only have my personal bias because I was told the same thing: . Scorpion has been #1 for at least the past 3 years which is when I started looking. Again, I am not telling you to try the Lux 4G. Use weed-whacker string if you want and I won't even blink. My point is just that when there are so many options and it's at least mildly clear a product is being carried by its name alone, it pays to shop around.
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