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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
I agree, lots of great players coming up, no shortage, if we can support them in the next stage. IMO, as I have stated in another thread, while our Junior system is far from perfect, the biggest problem comes at the next level. The games has changed, no more 17 year olds in grand slams, etc. we expect to much too soon from our players, we expect or Kalamazoo winners to be contending at the Open the next year. Too many people who think they know who can be pros and who cant at age 13 or 14. Fact is, our best kids still need three or four more years on a developmental tour, but probably costs a player 100K per year to compete on the futures circuit. Fix the futures circuit, and support budding pros, that part of the system is more broken then the junior system
I agree. A huge problem we have in the US is the financial means to go into international competition. Our individual professional and ITF players travel to compete against national teams That have full financial support-which includes coaches and trainers. Our budding pros have to be child prodigies or have families that are multi-millionaires to afford to travel globally and compete. You are only going to break through at the Challenger level and that is a global circuit. The help is greatly needed at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Pro level.
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