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Originally Posted by tennistim View Post
How about this scenario:

An opponent hits a ball down the trams and your partner calls the ball out. You have no idea whether it was in from where you're standing, but the guy who hit was looking down the line from the other court and had the best view of it.

He wasn't happy about the call and makes a passive aggressive comment. However, the call stands.

A few points later he calls out a close ball to get revenge.

How do you deal with this?

You bring up three unrelated issues:

First, there are definitely times when the person who hits the ball has the best view of the call. However, this doesn't matter, they don't get to make the call. Of course you are free to get their opinion if you like, your partner didn't.

Second, the guy who hit the ball should know the preceeding paragraph and shouldn't be an a55 about it, as he did initially.

Lastly, the "cheat back" option is totally justified if you are a victim of repeated cheating, which he was not.
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