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Originally Posted by Surecatch View Post

I had a great lesson on Saturday. The guy showed me how to semi-westernize the sitch' for heavy topspin and how to use a more continental-ish grip for serving. Him feeding me balls, man I was dialed on on the forehand...felt great. Problem is, I played against my daughter's boyfriend yesterday...a non-tennis player, but very athletic...and I couldn't execute anything I'd learned, especially the serve.
This just means you're human. You just learned two new skills. Time to go out and practice them - a lot - over many weeks - likely months. Some days will be great, some not so much. Over time the good days will outnumber the bad. You might need to go back for a refresher lesson at some point too. After a while and some quality time with the new skills you can say you have them down, but not after the first day.

Good luck.
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