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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
Currently using black code 18 full set. Im thinking of softening up the string bed because i dont want to hurt her arm. I was told by someone on here to try the x one biphase and the blackcode as a hybrid. I was just wandering do you guys think i should put the black code as the mains or the x one as the mains. These strings are expensive so i dont wanna waste any. Also what do you guys think about using gut with the black code. I an using 18g because i know its a little better for her arm.
Does it have to be Technifibre string? I've been using Volkl Polyfibre and Rpm Blast combo and plays very well although they wear out quickly for me, should last for a 10yr old, but could easily swap others(MSV,Cyclone, Big Hitter Black) for RPM. I think you can easily find another combo that plays just as well and saves you $$.
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