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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
Ok, if you can twist on the knee without pain it shouldn't be your meniscus.

Probably over did the intensity of your three runs. Also could be a form issue with your stride. Or just onset muscle soreness. Multitude of options really.

If you're fine after tonight, doubtful that you have a structural issue. If there is soreness, the general recommendation is no high impact activities for 2 weeks. That's generally how long minor pulls and tears need to heal them self. Still in pain after a two week rest and you have something to worry about.
Didn't have any problems with muscle soreness that I could feel, the muscles were fine after all 3 runs.
Anyway, played for two hours last night...was pain.

Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
In my experience, knee pain was the result of using shoes that didn't match my stride (or were worn out).

By wrong shoes I mean, have someone analyze if you are a pronaotor, supinator, or neutral runner and buy shoes accordingly.

I used to get knee pain when I didn't toss out my old shoes when they were worn down and replace them. But once I replaced my shoes (and stopped running for a few days to let the pain go away), I was fine.

That's the best I've got.

Got it. I thought about that as well. The first run was done in some old Adidas Climacool shoes, which were not specifically for trail running. I thought I better buy something more appropriate and the following training run + the race were done in these Columbia Ravenous Lite:,pd.html

Different color than the ones in the link, but the shoes are the same.
No...nobody analyzed the way I run, and I doubt such service is common around here. My girlfriend is a much more frequent runner than myself (she ran a marathon this year) so she buys running shoes much more often than I do and she never had such service when buying shoes so...I think she just knows what works by now. I run so rarely "just for running" that I usually just grab what lies around...or run in my old tennis shoes. Until now...that is...when I bought these "trail running" things...
Guess I could film myself though...just to find out.

Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
I guess that link might be relevant after a Dr had diagnosed a low grade knee sprain. What's sprained? ............

I don't have a list for pain causes for the side of the knee but to me the following list illustrates that these things are complicated and require a Dr. Here's a list for pain on the front of the knee (21 listed causes) -

Causes of Anterior Knee Pain
Cause Comment
Thanks for the link, I understand that the knee joint is complex
My pain was located on the outside of the knee (on the right side of the right leg and left side of left leg, but in the knee joint area). The best...clearest reference I found for this "knee pain" problem was this :
Detailed enough...there are some pictures...and they have a so called "symptom checker" where you can give details about your specific issue to narrow down the possibilities. Obviously, this can't really replace a qualified specialist, but I don't feel that my issue is bad enough to be in that "zone" just yet. It's gone now a week and a half later (played tennis last nigh), but I'm just trying to better understand what happened so that I can avoid it in the future...with specific exercises or whatever.
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