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Default Somebody virtually slap me... Quick!!!

I have spent countless hours over the past several days agonizing over the timeless quandary- buy a stringing machine or continue to be anally violated by stringing labor cost & being helpless while my lonely racquetS sit in a closet waiting for their turn to be handled by a stranger for the 3rd time each month bc I want to get the shiny new string that will give me the Bugs Bunny slice BH or make my 1st serve topspin over the fence.

So I'm fairly certain I will quickly recover my investment.

The problem now turns to the fact that I also require the shiny pro shop machine to sit in my basement where only I will know, see, or care that I own it, bc the economic & extremely reliable entry level options are clearly not going to claim that basement space.

Somewhere along the way, the idea was planted convincing me that I should buy a machine from a company who does not even make a convincing effort to cover up their exploitation of very weak American white collar/ financial crime laws, by blatantly going under & reselling the same equipment under the cover of at least 3 different business names I was able to track down in about 17 minutes.

This is of course Eagnas, and 1 of the 2 models that accidentally resulted in solid quality products for the price- EAG-300 or FLEX 940.

These models have received positive user feedback from a number of reputable sources.

The rub staring me directly in the face is the simple fact that I would consciously purchase a fairly big ticket, new product, knowing the high level of risk that exists - in other words flipping a coin hoping that I receive 'one of the good ones'.

Even knowing this, these models are significantly superior compared to anything close to the $4-500 price point based on my limited knowledge & fairly thorough research.

Someone please slap the sense back into my head before I convince myself to make this tainted purchase.
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